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Forest Edge Canine Hydrotherapy

Why is swimming good for dogs?

Hydrotherapy is water based exercise in a controlled environment. 
We use a water treadmill or swimming pool depending on your dogs breed, the condition being treated & the desired outcome, any underlying health issues and their overall condition.

New Forest - Code of Practice

To help keep the New Forest special, local people have agreed this code of practice for dog walking throughout the National Park.
It is supported by all the organisations on the New Forest Dogs Forum.


Keepsakes from Penrux

Whether your pet is a Dog, Cat, Rabbit, small furry, Chicken or Duck we can make a gift around them.

Most popular is our Crazy and our Actually collections.

Everything is shown as a key ring but can also be made as a necklace, clip charm or a bracelet.

sorry for the loss of your best friend.j

Chocolate Toxicity Calculator for Dogs

Are you worried your dog has eaten a dangerous amount of chocolate? Click this link for a chocolate calculator



Specialising in pet casting, we working closely with each client to create perfect stone castings so that the moments we treasure are literally cast in stone. We can bring back memories of the little paws of our furry best friends, shoes of our beloved horses. These moments in time are so often held in our memories. Forget-Me-Nots will help preserve these special, individual memories for time to come.

forget me not.png


To recognise pain in your dog you’ll need to be observant and in tune with their normal behaviour. Any sudden change is cause for concern and needs to be evaluated by a vet.
Gradual changes may creep up on you, but these also need to be checked out because chronic conditions, like arthritis, or those conditions which gradually worsen over time can still be serious and cause your dog to be in pain.

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