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About Me

Where it all started........

My name is Katie, I am a huge animal lover with a soft spot for dogs whatever their shape or size. I share my home with Missy, a Saluki mix, my two Sheltie's Indy and Ruby as well as several other pets.

Ruby is where my journey began, despite having family dogs before her she was MY first dog, MY responsibly and MY whole world. Before Ruby, I never enjoyed new experiences or meeting new people and was a girl of very few words. After getting Ruby, I changed, taking responsibility for her and myself I attended training classes, agility sessions and often had conversations with fellow dog owners, things my parents never thought would happen, and it was because of Ruby.

Moving through life challenges and setbacks she has always been there providing all the cuddles and kisses I could ever need. I’ve also shared all the good times with her, now, with her at the grand age of 13 we have been through a lot together.

Animals are a blessing and we are so lucky to have them in our lives, however sometimes as much as we hope it doesn’t happen, busy work and social lives can get in the way of us spending time with them. This is where I come in. I aim to provide you with the peace of mind that your four-legged family members will be as well cared for as you could wish them to be in your absence.

Having gained my Level 3 Extended Diploma in animal management at Sparsholt College, I went on to study a Level 2 certificate in dog grooming. I worked at a Southampton based dog kennel further extending my knowledge on handling and body language I was also lucky enough to work with a small selection of dogs from the police dog unit. I have gained additional qualifications in dog nutrition alongside my work at a pet store specialising in pet nutrition. I hold a dog first-aid certificate, I am DBS checked and I also hold a full clean driving license and am fully insured.  All qualifications are available to view on request.  I will only transport dogs in my van in purpose-built secure crates which you are welcome to view.

Having grown up around the New Forest I have the utmost respect for responsible dog walking. I will walk dogs in my care on leads at all times, unless, I am completely confident the dog has a spot on recall to protect them and others while in the forest and their owner has given permission for them to be walked otherwise. I will only walk dogs from the same household at any time to ensure fellow walkers and dogs also enjoy their walk. 

I follow the New Forest National Parks Dog Walking Code which I invite all my clients to read.  As a commercial business and often walking several dogs at once, I have an additional duty to operate responsibly.  As such, I also follow and am a member of the Professional Dog walkers Charter.


Alongside my dogs, I have personal experience with chickens, quail, fish, hamsters, gerbils, lizards and cats. Although if you require any other animals looked after in your absence I will happily discuss this.

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